Mark Bain, The Sky-Earth Observatory

The Sky-Earth Observatory, Mark Bain, foto: Vika Ushkanova

Did you ever think that a jet plane flying over could have a wholesome effect on your senses? This is accomplished by the American artist Mark Bain in The Sky-Earth Observatory.

Low-flying airplanes are frequent disturbers of the peace in the Amsterdamse Bos. However, Bain sees the therapeutic potential of these disrupters and transforms the noise into a positive experience. For Cure Park, he designed an installation that converts the sounds made by planes flying over into vibrations that render a physical therapeutic experience.

According to Bain, the body can function as an ear. Noise can travel through the body in the shape of vibrations and give energy to body parts that need it. Research has shown that noise and vibration in low frequencies have a mitigating effect on rheumatoid arthritis, immobility and pain, and may even offer a spiritual experience.

In The Sky-Earth Observatory you can stimulate your body and your mind, and experience the environment of the Amsterdamse Bos on various levels.

In his work, Mark Bain (US, 1966) lets the world of acoustic sound flow over into the structure of places, spaces and buildings. In his work, he links audio and visual information transforming audio and binary information in such a way that we can experience it with our other senses. For some time, Bain has been involved in an ongoing research into the area of sound and architecture and how sonic events condition the bodies and buildings they occupy.

This installation can be found at location 9 on the map. It has no fixed opening hours. 

Made possible by Kanoverhuur Amsterdamse Bos