“Spontaneity and creativity are the propelling forces in human progress (…) Love and mutual sharing are powerful, indispensable working principles in group life. (…) a super-dynamic community based upon these principles can be brought to realization through new techniques.”

– Jacob Levi Moreno


Cure Park is a contemporary health resort that will pitch its tents this summer from June 4 to July 16 among the trees of the Amsterdam Forest. Centered around the Bostheater, Cure Park brings together over 30 artists, creatives and thinkers with audiences and care professionals in a multidimensional program, comprising installations, experiments, interventions, workshops, exercises, lectures, performances and films.

As Joseph Beuys said, art can heal. Perhaps we should turn this quote around and say that ‘healing can also be art’ (AA Bronson). Cure Park creates a place where we can develop new care techniques, for ourselves, each other and our environment. A physical and mental space for fundamental life questions. What is health? How do I want to give birth? How do I want to die? How do I experience sexuality? Where is that fine line between mental illness and creativity? How do I train myself mentally? How do I take control of the care I (will) need?

Cure Park emanated from Cure Master, a two-year master program (2014-2016) initiated by the Sandberg Institute. Invited by the Sandberg Institute Martijn Engelbregt (Circus Engelbregt) and Theo Tegelaers (TAAK) developed a program exploring what it means to be healthy or ill. Working with researchers, students, artists and guests and focusing on themes such as pain, environment, death, nutrition, body and faith we created Cure Park: a public manifestation in public space. A spot in the Amsterdamse Bos to meet, exchange ideas and participate, as well as a platform for sharing knowledge, experience and stories about care and healing.

We chose the Amsterdamse Bos as a venue because of its origin and intended function. Cure Park’s subject, corresponds with the principles J.P. Thijssen formulated at the beginning of the twentieth century when the Amsterdamse Bos was first laid out: the creation of an unlimited experience of nature accessible for all. The Amsterdamse Bos would like to expand and diversify its identity, use and experience of its landscape. Cure Park contributes to the (re)vitalization of values and functions we attribute to nature and forests in the form of a daily changing program of installations, events, workshops, retreats, therapeutic treatments, lectures, healing, performances, food preparation, walks and talks, all open to both professionals and public.

We invite everybody to Cure Park and hope that the art works will inspire you to think about the meaning of care in your daily life.