A Growing Book

A Growing Book

A Growing Book is a collaboration between The Future and PUB, students’ initiative at the Sandberg Institute. Content from Cure Park and responses by the audience will be collected, analyzed and bundled. At the end of each week, a new chapter will be published and distributed, both on this page and in print. At the end of Cure Park, the six editions will be published together in one special edition.  A Growing Book is published in English and Dutch.


Chapter #631 July 2017

A Growing Book #6: Transformation and Ritual The Future about the mechanisms of Change and Transformation; An interview with Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen & Tellervo Kalleinen; Fragments from a conversation with Rainbow Soulclub; Yuri Veerman about Aanraken AUB; Reflections on DOOD and Guy Machiavelli on Death and Change.

Chapter #5

A Growing Book # 5: Technology Augmentation The Future about our relation towards technology; Conversations with an Oracle; Transcript of Shana Moultan’s This Organ Wants This, That Organ Wants That; Loving Intimate Circuitry by Gui Machiavelli; Abstracts from Matthijs Schoutens lecture and Andrea Karch reflecting on the Five-Day-Intensive

Chapter #320 July 2017

A Growing Book # 3: Work your body. Featuring: How to experience an exercise for dying; Nadia Bekkers about deconstructing hierarchies in gender, race and class through dance and movement; An interview with Ruchama Noorda; Floris van Driel in conversation with Emmeline de Mooij and Marjoca de Greef about Motherhood, Isabel Menino discusses food as medium with SulSolSal and more...

Chapter #413 July 2017

A Growing Book # 4: Community Intimacy The Future reflecting on My Fathers, My Mother and Me; Thoughts on a conversation with SulSolSal by The Future; Thoughts on Asylum by Andrea Karch; Postlimited Confessions of Redigested Loves by Monica Mays and more..

Chapter #226 June 2017

A Growing Book #2: Shame Humiliation Censorship Featuring: A poem by Carol R. Kallend; Technology as an organism: interview with Rory Pilgrim; Martin Waltons lecture summarized; Reflections on ‘Of women born’; Interview with Cure Parks head a care taking Sena,  and quotes by Job Koelewijn.

Chapter #118 June 2017

A Growing Book, Chapter #1 featuring: Looking back on the highlights of the opening of Cure Park; The Future pondering on the concept of ‘two cultures’: divisions between arts and science; Erik Scherder about the Default Mind Network; Reflections on the birth of ‘something different’ and an interview with Lendl Barcelos: ‘We do not see deafness as a handicap, nor as a lack of something, but as an expertise’.