Job Koelewijn, Intervention with the Classics

Job Koelewijn, Intervention with the Classics, photo: Marloes Heineke

Job Koelewijn challenges sports fans to push their boundaries, not only physically, but also mentally. The fitness equipment in the Amsterdamse Bos, normally used for physical exertion, can now be used to exercise the mind.

Koelewijn, who exercises his own mind every morning by spending three quarters of an hour reading philosophical works, has embellished the fitness equipment with bookshelves and stacked them with classical works by both western and eastern thinkers. Touching the rings activates a voice that reads from books by for instance Spinoza, Lao Tse or Dante. According to Koelewijn body and mind, word and image are inextricably linked.

In Intervention with the classics he brings spiritual and physical fitness closer together. According to the artist, leisure time and intellectual time both require effort. Even if you don’t like physical exertion, you can sit on and around the exercise equipment and activate the installation.

Job Koelewijn (NL, 1962) is a conceptual artist. Although his works take various shapes – from room-filling and site-specific installations to video art, photographs and sculptures – they essentially are always interventions of existing reality, targeted at intensifying the experience of a space or moment.

This art work is location 10. on the map and can be visited at any time. On Sunday June 18 at 12.30 pm the installation will be activated with a presentation by bootcampers of Robin van Damme Bootcamp & PT.