Jasper Griepink, LOVE SPACE

Jasper Griepink, LOVE SPACE

This Summer, Amsterdam will have its very first LOVE SPACE, a temporary Temple of Love that functions as a community centre. Here, people can gain a deeper awareness of sexuality, eroticism and partnership. Jasper Griepink believes sexual energy has healing powers. Therefore, the energetic and psychological exchange of erotic intimacy should not take place in the fringes of life, or quickly in between, but at the centre of life, as a conscious experience.

People who are interested can come to the LOVE SPACE to make love and free their sexual intimacy from fear, conditioning and hidden contracts. Daily ‘sharing circles’ provide the opportunity to share and question feelings. The participant and partner(s) pick a time and decide what they want to do with the energy that is released when making love. If need be, the LOVE SPACE team can assist in formulating their objectives.

LOVE SPACE is an attempt to link the personal and private with the public and political, an intimate place free of voyeurism or exhibitionism. Focal points are safety and connection with our human sexuality, and all that is expected of the participants is that they go on a personal authentic journey of discovery.

In his actions, installations and happenings, Jasper Griepink (NL, 1988) explores the skills and visions needed to create a healthy and exuberant future. In his work, participants are invited into temporary sacred sites. Here bodies, personal narratives and feelings can interact, leading to connections between people as a remedy against the virus of global capitalism. With his work Griepink aims at emancipating forms of behavior, thinking and spirituality and hopes to support the eco-centric cohabitation of the planetary spaceship.



LOVE SPACE (June 22 till July 2) can be visited from Thursday till Sunday between 12 and 8 pm. Feel free to come by and make love. Late night (and early morning) bookings are possible on request via lovespaceone@gmail.com. Sharing Circles daily from 2-4 pm, with a workshop from 4 – 6 pm. The program is free, donations are welcome.

LOVE SPACE is part of the three-part progam LIFE/ LOVE/ DEATH. Do we still own birth, sexuality and death? Claudia van Dijk, Arden Rzewnicki, Jasper Griepink and Karel Winterink compile a program about the essence of the life cycle, full of real life experiences workshops and talks.


·         Wednesday June 21, 9 pm – 12 am.

Ritual opening and initiation with personal storytelling on Midsummer Night.

·         Thursday June 22

2 – 4 pm Sharing Circle

4 – 6 pm Workshop: Insight Dialogue with Justin Kievith.

·         Friday June 23 Being Single / Being with Yourself.

2 – 4 pm Sharing Circle – Today we share experiences with being single and how it influences our sexuality with others and ourselves. How can we engage in a deep connection with others while not being committed to a relationship? How do we make this connection with ourselves? An afternoon about the adventures and dangers of being single, celibate or not.

4 – 6 pm. No workshop planned, but time for a meeting. Singles are especially invited.

·         Saturday June 24 and Thursday June 29 – How can I become the best lover in the world?

With Toña Wong Chung and Marcelino.

12 pm: Yin yoga for the heart and kidneys and explanation of sexuality in your body, with yoni and lingam yoga.
1 pm: Second yoga session as described above, ore moments of chakra healing.
2 – 4 pm: Teaching + Sharing Circle with Marcelino and Toña.
Q&A and inspiration for different relationships. How does an open relationship work? Does cheating actually exist?

After 4 pm there is no program, but the chance to meet the guest speakers.

·         Sunday June 25

2 – 4 pm: Sharing Circle

4 – 5 pm: Workshop: Insight Dialogue with Justin Kievith

6 pm – Film program: Love community, art and the means of living in community
Film by Paul-Julien Robert, 2012, 93 min. In Care Center. [6,00 € + bites] Buy tickets here

·         Friday June 30 – Making love without making love

With Nicola Rian Romme, Reiki priestess.

2 pm.: Sharing Circle and workshop. [times can differ]

We have often found that sex is something you do with a partner, a lover, and that it has something to do with your private parts. And that’s all about ‘nice feelings’, just like Reiki. But what’s that feeling? Is it universal life energy? And is that the same as sexual energy?

The LOVE SPACE creates a space for experiences, knowledge and exchange of love. A place to experience a (sexual) unitary state without having to touch each other. Does your head tell you: just share love with these people without falling in love with them? We will make this afternoon together. What we need of you is that you dare to open your mind and that you feel what you want and what you do not want. More explanation follows the day itself.
NB – It may be useful to take something to write or draw on.
About Nicola Romme: http://atlasreiki.nl/over/

·         Saturday July 1 – Happiness, Love and Pleasure; the expression and containment of desire.

With: Muharrem Murat

2 – 4 pm: Sharing Circle, theme: Pleasure

4 – 6 pm: Workshop – An interactive workshop with meditation, breathing, exercise and movement. With an introduction to the philosophy and insight into the functioning of the mind in relation to desire and pleasure. How can we channel pleasure, passion and ecstasy? Expect a lot of fun and like-minded people during the workshop.

Muharrem Murat is a meditation teacher and has more than 12 years of experience in the practice and theory of meditation in relation to psychology, biology, chemistry and the body. During his 10-year dance career, he developed a trained eye for the connection between partners and for expressing desire.

·         Sunday July 2, (To be confirmed): Extatic Dance – An afternoon of outside dancing.

With Sophia Maria Kienhuis