Cure Park for kids

Lavendel workshop, William Speakman

Cure Park Education


Children’s Art trail

Crawl through the bushes of the Amsterdamse Bos and use all your senses. Does airplane vibration make you feel good? Are you more relaxed after having smelled lavender? All kinds of tasks help you to experience the art works at Cure Park with all your senses. You will also learn more about the art works and who made them. Collect the children’s art trail at Care Park Center.


Artist workshops

Come and meet Cure Park’s artists. Which questions do they ask and what do they want you to experience? Every week, the artists host a special workshop for children in which they will examine subjects like care, illness, health and cure together.

Costs: 3,00 €.

To order tickets, go to program:


June 4William Speakman: Make your own lavender oil. Age: 8+, 1.30 — 4 pm

June 5Claudia van Dijk: Belly House, what is it like before you are born? Age: 4+, 1.30 — 2.30 pm

June 11Ruchama Noorda: Make artworks with stuff you find in the forest, with Ruchama. Age: 5 — 9, 1pm — 4pm (ungoing)

June 18Claudia van Dijk: Belly House, what is it like before you are born? Age: 4+, 2 — 3 pm

June 25Kochta-Kalleinen: How do you take good care of yourself? Age: 7+, 1.30 — 2.30 pm

July 2SulSolSal: Fermentation workshop. Age 8+, 3 — 4 pm

July 9Cathalijne Smulders, How do you dance if one of your arms and legs cannot function? Age 4+, 2 — 3 pm

July 16 – Mark Bain: Mash-Up Toys Kids Workshop Age: 6+, 1 – 3 pm. Bring your own old or broken toys!