Cure Park offers more than just remedies and a platform for physical and mental ailments or tips for a conscious lifestyle, however, for good health is also inextricably linked with relationships. What constitutes a healthy relationship with yourself, with other people, with your environment? Understanding these relationships is embodied in the concept of lifelong learning.

Cure Park therefore organizes two lectures in Care Center, in which philosophers address the question of what care really is. Heidegger’s notion Sorge implies a responsibility for all being, it is a call to empathy. The plea for equality for all people, animals and things, inspired by Bruno Latour, calls a halt to the exhaustive exploitation of body and mind, of social inequality and of nature and environment.

The lectures will deal with the art of living, with careful life fulfillment and finding your destination. The lectures will address the meaning of caring for someone else has for yourself and society. Also there will be an examination of the new paradigm of man amidst, not as master of, things.

Speakers ao: Matthijs Schouten, ecologist, philosopher, Buddhist, professor ecology and philosophy nature restoration at the University of Wageningen and working for Staatsbosbeheer. In his work, he researches the role of nature in human thinking. About this subject his published the book De positie van de zwijgende natuur (the position of silent nature), 2008. Schouten stresses that nature is not something external, but that we are part of it and interconnected.

Martin Walton is professor by special appointment in spiritual care and chap- laincy studies at the Protestant Theological University, Groningen. In previous research Martin Walton has analyzed conceptual- izations of spirituality in health care and developed an understanding of chaplaincy as mutual hospitality.

Dates and hours: Su June 18 from 4 pm – 5  pm (Martin Walto) and Su July 9, from 3 pm to 4 pm and (Matthijs Schouten)

Location: Care Center, costs 7,50 €