Circus Engelbregt & Marjolijn Zwakman, Kom Aan Mijn Lijf (Touch My Body)

Care literally touches us, but touching (physically, mentally or emotionally) in health care has become quite controversial, Marjolijn Zwakman and Martijn Engelbregt found. Their project Kom Aan Mijn Lijf focuses on the notion of touching.

Can we meet each other physically and intimately and thus arrive at different ideas and different ways of working? In Kom Aan Mijn Lijf, a special project space in the woods with all sorts of opportunities for discussions, meetings and work sessions, this question will be the (literally) tangible starting point.

For care professionals, but also for those who merely take an interest, Zwakman and Engelbregt present Kom Aan Mijn Lijf, a laboratory for touching. Participants can experience whether the rules they subject themselves and each other to in their daily lives may have to be reassessed.

As of 2010 Circus Engelbregt is seriously focusing on health and care. Their exhibition BETER, de kunst van gezondheid (BETTER, the art of health) in hospital Medisch Centrum Haaglanden, for instance, is a quest to see whether art is more conducive to health than placebos for art. Circus Engelbregt also initiated the Medicijnfabriek (Medicine Factory), a workshop where people can make their own medicine, and the interactive installation Intuïtieve Mensbenadering (Intuitive Human Approach).

As an artist and performer, Marjolijn Zwakman explicitly concentrates on health care through various projects, both in hospitals and care facilities. The plethora of changes in care form an excellent arena for her social interventions. Her main focus is on the tension between defined roles and time pressure on the one hand, and the importance of human contact on the other.

Engelbregt and Zwakman have collaborated in various projects focusing on the boundaries of apparently irreconcilable fields since 2012. They find each other in the desire to explore difficulties and opportunities in care through art.

The workshops will take place on July 13 , July 14  and July 15, 10 am–1 pm, 3-6 pm; July 16, 10 am – 1 pm. Each workshop is limited to 15 participants; please sign up at Public workshop with reflection on July 16, 3-5 pm.

More information or sign up:
Or call: Marjolijn 06-48704941 or Martijn 06-26082709