Ruchama Noorda, DOUBLE BLIND

Ruchama Noorda, DOUBLE BLIND, foto: Marloes Heineke

Ruchama Noorda designed an aquatic resort overlooking the water of the Amsterdamse Bos. In building the installation she uses natural materials from the wood, like clay and dredged materials. The clay she collects from the water is transformed into sculptures and then pit fired on the shore, turning the environment into raw material and tool at the same time. She also incorporates self-made materials, elements and images into the installation which contrast with the natural environment, thus trying to find an artificial form of nature.

She also uses these materials to refer to the history of the Amsterdamse Bos, which was originally designed as a romantic English park and built on industrious and cheap labor. With a shovel and a reek, placed on the installation’s roof as alternative antennae to capture energetic waves, she honors the laborers.

Ducks, herons and other waterfowl can make their homes in DOUBLE BLIND. Visitors are invited to sit down and take in all the natural sounds and peace of their surroundings.

Ruchama Noorda (NL, 1979) is an artist who uses diverse media and materials in performances and installations. In her practice Noorda recycles and explores elements of art, pedagogy, craft, dance, diet and ritual practices of the Reform movement. Her performance and installation works both engage and challenge contemporary communitarian and counter-cultural aspirations.

DOUBLE BLIND  can be found at location 6. on the map.

Firing, a performance by Ruchama Noorda, using local clay and a clay oven in the ground, can be visited throughout the day on  June 24 and 25.

Special thanks to Kanoverhuur Amsterdamse Bos