Karel Winterink, DOOD (DEATH)

Stance Oonk, Poortwachter

Dying is the transition of one phase to the next, a process we don’t know, uncertain as we are about death. We leave our bodies for another destination. Riding the waves of life we explore the road to death, dying and what might come after. This transitional process requires imagination and ritualization. Karel Winterink invites eight guests who will share their view of transience, during the transition from light to dark at night.

Karel Winterink (NL, 1958) is a funeral director. Since 2015 he has regularly organized Death Cafés and Socratic talks in parks and at peoples’ homes. He prefers an intimate setting for talking about our transience.

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All programs are from 9 pm – 11 pm


Thursday, July 6: Death Café and Birth Café, organized by Karel Winterink and Claudia van Dijk

Friday, July 7: Gijs Assmann (artist) engages in a Benedictine Dialogue in reference to his sculpture Big Mama – vanitas for Franciscus.

Saturday, July 8: Ine Mulder (designer) explores in which way our remembrance of a loved one can be matched with the five stages of mourning.

Sunday, July 9: In Weerzien (Reunion) Robin van ‘t Haar (artist) visualizes a meeting with his deceased mother.

Thursday, July 13: Irene Fortuyn (artist), An evening in the woods, a Socratic dialogue in which death in cyclic systems and its meaning to our perception of death is explored.

Friday, July 14: Stance Oonk (artist) builds a medicine wheel according to shamanic traditions; a magical place for visualization, walks, imagination and healing.

Saturday, July 15: Henry Marshall (psychologist and storyteller, in cooperation with musician Jeroen de Geus and singer Jay Jay van Sleen) presents Hari Katha, songs and stories of the Infinite, drawing from ancient Buddhist sources.

Sunday, July 16Shadow World, Rosa Verhoeve (photographer) and Sandra van Elewout (artist) take their guests on a quest for the potential of the twilight area within ourselves, the point where light, darkness and imagination get together.


DOOD is part of the three-part program LIFE/ LOVE/ DEATH. Do we still own birth, sexuality and death? Claudia van Dijk, Arden Rzewnicki, Jasper Griepink and Karel Winterink compile a program about the essence of the life cycle, full of real-life experiences, workshops and talks.